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Why I Wrote "IT Outsourcing Secrets"

To help others by passing on my knowledge.

I have spent nearly 20 years consulting with more than 1,000 small and medium-sized businesses on their IT support needs. During this time, I have witnessed the work of some great IT service companies that make me proud to be in this industry. However, I have also seen just as many unethical companies who tricked and deceived their clients. “IT Outsourcing Secrets” was written to shed light on the IT outsourcing industry and allow small businesses the ability to decipher truth from fiction and make informed decisions.  Order the book here.

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About Deborah Frazier


Professionally, I am an experienced IT consultant for small and medium-sized businesses, a public speaker, marketer, and the creator of Customized IT. 


Personally, I am a wife of 23 years to a wonderful man, a mother of a beautiful little girl, and a believer in Jesus Christ.  I live in Kennesaw, GA with my family, our dog, cat, and two parakeets.  

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Work Experience



In July 2019 IT Outsourcing Secrets hit the bookstores.  This book is a small business guide to help compare IT support companies.  It helps the reader understand the tricks of the outsourcing industry, traps to avoid, how to decipher the maturity level of the IT organization, when and how to bring IT internally, and how to address compliance concerns with the provider.  

Public Speaker

I am available for public speaking at chambers, associations, and conventions.  My speech covers a high level overview of my book, IT Outsourcing Secrets.  

IT Consultant and

Marketing Specialist

I have nearly 20 years experience consulting over 1000 small and medium-sized businesses (SMB) on their IT support needs.  Served as most tenured leadership committee member of the fastest growing IT support company in the Southeast from 2001 to 2015 when it sold.  At the same company, I ranked the highest salesperson all but 2 years.  Created the Customized IT platform which changes how IT support is delivered to the SMB market.

Simple Advice for Choosing  IT Support Services

Understand the IT maturity level of the Managed Service Provider.  This information will allow you to decipher if they are capable of supporting you.

Know the type of IT support the provider uses.  This will allow you to ask informed questions and set your own expectations correctly from the beginning.

Always think with the end in mind and don't sign off on something you can't afford to get out of.  

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My Personal  Philosophy 

I have always had the belief that you will never be disappointed if the expectations are met. In the late 1990s I tested out this theory with my clients in Houston, TX.  At that time I sold hardware and software which was a highly commoditized industry.  Despite their best efforts, my coworkers could only charged 3% margin on all sales if they were to be competitive.  In fact, the standard practice in the industry was have the client provider the manufacturing numbers.  Therefore, the only role of the salesperson was to take orders. 

My Strategy


I did not go to college to be an order taker.  Therefore, I changed the way the service was delivered.

My strategy was to use my technical resources at Tech Data and Ingram Micro to provide research for my clients.  In other words, I would use my contacts to identify the right products based on their specifications. As a result, I was able to charge an 18% markup.

The Results

Guess what? I gained a lot of very loyal clients who were willing to pay the 18%. Why? Because I took the burden off of them.  For that reason they were willing to pay extra for the service.  As a result all my clients loved me because they knew what to expect, and I delivered on it.  After all, they couldn’t be upset about something they knew about and agreed to at the very beginning. In fact, they ended up giving me all of their business. 

My Point


I belief that IT support services should be delivered in the same way.  Once you understand what you are getting into, you can make informed decisions.  Read my book, IT Outsourcing Secrets, and you will be able to compare quotes easily. You will have lasting knowledge that will equip you to make informed decisions.  You will be able to ask the tough questions and know the answers to seek. Most importantly, you will have your own expectations met. And when your expectations are met, you will never be disappointed.

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I love what I do and I’d love to share it with you. Send me a message and I’ll get back to you ASAP.

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